Careful And Active Listening

Listening to our clients is the foundation on which Fortuna Partners builds its strategies. Then we use our expertise in the areas of strategic planning, protection solutions and money management to work toward achieving your goals. We call it the SPM Process™ − Strategy, Protection, Money − the three elemental building blocks of your personal and business well being.


Fortuna Partners knows that the first building block for achieving these goals is a well crafted strategic plan. Whether you own a start-up or established company, today’s environment is such that your business and family lives are inevitably entwined. Fortuna Partners recognizes that success means creating personal and business strategies that help you attain your goals today and in the future.


Protecting yourself, your family’s and your employees’ health, welfare and retirement is complex and costly. Fortuna Partners carefully examines your personal and business needs, then offers a range of choices focused on saving you money, not just spending it.


Fortuna Partners understands that establishing and growing wealth is a three-part process: accumulation, management and preservation. We assemble a team specifically for you so that you have people with the highest level of expertise working for you every step of the way throughout this process.

Ultimately, you need an integrated program that merges every aspect of your personal and business lives − thoughtfully managed, ethically administered and morally sound.

Fortuna Partner's SPM Process